Thursday, June 23, 2016

I'm starting this Surfboard Volume Blog to create a data base of what works for various surfers around the world at their own personal surf spot.

I created the sliding GF Volume Calculator at LostSurfboards.Net,, and

Please Put in:
1. Your Body Weight (lbs or kg)
2. What volume surfboard you are riding
3. Where you are surfing

If you want, you can then calculate your Guild Factor (GF)
If you want, put in your age
If you want, put in board length

I think this will really help people to figure out what board is working best in which local conditions.
I can figure your GF if you would like.

Whitney Guild


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  2. 1.) I am 155 pounds
    2.) The volumes I usually ride range from 28 - 34 liters depending on the wave and size.
    3.) I usually surf from Orange County to Ventura County.

    My guild factor ranges from .40 to .48
    I am 36 years old
    The lengths of my 3 usual 3 board quiver are 5'4", 5'8", 6'3"
    I am 5'10" tall

  3. I'm a less than one-year beginner and I ride a 7'0 70 liters semi-rigide board (softech brainchild). As soon as I master basic surfing technics and stances, as well as proper paddling, I'll go for GF to choose my board.